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Formerly Unloved Round Table

My latest dumpster find transformation.

Formerly Unloved Round Table

I found this one next to a dumpster, near one of the ugliest couches I've ever seen. It had two broken legs and was subsequently all gimpy and sad. It was also scratched up and coated in some sort of sticky Mystery Funk(TM).

I swear I had "before" pictures of it, but I don't, sadly. The only photo I have is this one with one of the legs in traction.

It's now solid, sturdy, level and pretty. Even the claw-foot brass is shiny. It's not a heavy piece of furniture. I don't know what kind of wood it's made of, but it's not a hardwood. I'm guessing it was never an expensive table. It's  redeeming value is that it definitely looks expensive, though. And for a table that at most will hold a lamp and some bric-a-brac, what more do you need?

I finished it this weekend. I'll put it up for sale probably in another week to give the layers of poly some time to cure, because it was rather humid when I applied it.

I'm slowly building up a web page for this hobby of mine, adding previous projects as I can and re-learning how to write code. All of it in one form or another will end up here.