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Not All News Out of the U.S. Postal Service is Bad

Not All News Out of the U.S. Postal Service is Bad
Photo stolen without permission.

The U.S. Postal Service is testing out electric cargo bikes to deliver mail, and apparently it's going quite well. There's hope for this agency, even under the direction of a fascist Trumpster bent on destroying the agency from the inside.

According to Christopher Jackson, the director of city delivery in Miami, where the trial is ongoing:

While there are still many things to consider and evaluate with these new e-bikes, I am hopeful that the Postal Service will continue exploring eco-friendly options for city delivery. I enjoy hearing feedback from the carriers who are participating in the tests. Thank you to the Florida bicycle carriers for welcoming NALC representatives and providing valuable insight, as well as for their dedication every day as they pedal many miles through their communities delivering the mail. As always, my heartfelt thanks goes out to all city carriers, as you continue to provide excellent service to the American people despite the many challenges.
USPS already testing mail delivery by electric bike with these neat little US-built mail bikes
The United States Postal Service is testing electric mail bikes to replace mail trucks for certain routes, drastically cutting emissions.

Under Louis DeJoy, whose proven disdain for democracy is practically legendary, the USPS just ordered 50,000 gas guzzling trucks, which get as low as 8.6 miles/gal., instead of more fuel-efficient electric trucks. The service is being sued because of it.