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Today's links

A great piece from NBC News advocating for the listing of salary ranges on job postings. If I see the words "competitive salary" again, I swear I'll slap your forehead.

Today's links

THIS. A thousand times, this!

Opinion | Adding salary ranges to job listings stops people from wasting their time
Finding out at the end of the hiring process that a salary doesn’t meet a worker‘s needs is a poor use of company time culling candidates and unfair to job applicants.

Jacobin Magazine continues its long-streak of good reads with an article that openly wonders if the hit TV series "Ozark" is really a barely disguised retelling of the lives of Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Was Ozark Actually About the Clintons?
In its last season, Ozark goes beyond family drama. It critiques the insidious ways that capitalism and political power work in America and the self-interested choices elites make to keep climbing the ladder.

Congress today held the first hearing on the existence of UFO's since 1969. (By the way, did you know they're properly called UAPs -- Unexplained Aerial Phenomena –  now? I did not. )
Scoff, says the Reddit UFO community:

r/UFOs - Live Reaction and Discussion thread for Congressional UFO Hearing - 5/17
1,225 votes and 3,219 comments so far on Reddit